Valli del Pasubio – 25 minutes by car from the Hotel

The “Tibetan bridge” along the King’s road is a recent construction and has quickly become one of the major attractions of the Pasubio. The work was built in the municipality of Valli del Pasubio, because a landslide interrupted for years the shortest connection between Pian delle Fugazze and the Campogrosso refuge, both in the Trentino area. More than 100 meters long and suspended in the air at a height of thirty meters, the “Tibetan bridge” was made entirely of steel and equipped with windproof ropes to limit its oscillations. To reach it you can take a pleasant walk starting from the Pian delle Fugazze pass, at m. 1163 (it can be reached in the direction of Trento after having passed the town of Valli del Pasubio), comune di Valli del Pasubio), where it is advisable to leave the car.

From the Pian delle Fugazze pass, follow the signs for the Pasubio Ossuary along an asphalted road that takes the name of the king’s road, as it was inaugurated in 1918 by King Vittorio Emanuele III. After 20-30 minutes you will see the Pasubio Ossuary on the left, a monument dedicated to the fallen of the First World War where we advise you to stop, also for the splendid panorama that opens onto Mount Pasubio and the plain. At this point, take the King’s road again and in half an hour’s walk you will arrive at the “Tibetan bridge”. After experiencing the thrill of being suspended, continue your excursion to the Campogrosso refuge, enjoying the landscape of the Little Dolomites. The return can be via a CAI path, closing a loop (before leaving, consult a map of the paths in the area), or by the same road, crossing the bridge for the second time.

How to get to the Tibetan bridge and the Campogrosso Refuge

Start from Pian delle Fugazze car park 113 m, you can reach it in Trento direction after passing the town of Valli del Pasubio, where it is better to park your car.

The first stop is by the Pasubio Ossuary (20 minute walk).

The second stop is by the Avis Tibetan bridge. From the Pasubio Ossuary to the Tibetan bridge it takes about a 40 minutes walk.

Third stage, the Campogrosso refuge: from the Tibetan bridge to the Campogrosso refuge at m. 1460 you have to walk for 50 minutes.

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